You Loved Me Not

I fell in love with you,

And you brought me milk

To make my breasts grow bigger

I gave you all my heart

But you carved it into grey,

To suit your preferences.

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You didn’t see the right in me

You carved and molded

You shaped, reshaped, remodeled

You replaced my diamond eyes

You hardened my very flesh

My mind you blocked with golden flakes

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Then you took an axe and smashed

You forgot I wouldn’t bleed

But to break, I did

And now I collect myself,

Piece by piece, rebuilding

I wish to turn into a spray

I’d turn you a fleshy heap

Published by Mariana Dynasty

Let's bleed love, life and advice. Let's exalt the pen.

26 thoughts on “You Loved Me Not

  1. Hi!

    C’ est d’une tristesse magnifique !
    Quel ressenti et quelle souffrance l’ on éprouve en lisant ton poème !
    Las, cela est bien, desfois, la réalité de l’amour à sens unique : l’autre veut remodeler sa moitié pour n’ en faire que sa poupée…

    Liked by 1 person

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