Let’s make today a throw-back. You know, they call it TBT.
This is my most viewed/popular post. I just read it again and I now confirm… IT’S WORTH ALL THE 1000 VIEWS!!!

Mariana Dynasty

I’ll tell you for sure, I once was a keeper of pigs, now I feel like one. Like a trash can unemptied; smelly and annoying.

I will show you once, how I’m filled with waste, all reason is gone; the love, the sorrow… everything. All that remains is regret.

I stay alarmed; my joy is stolen. I think of love, but all I get are tumults of lust; that burn my inside. I’ll tell you for sure, that I have slept with the pastor’s son, that I kissed him the whole night.

You can see that in my world, men are my job, I am their teddy. they hug and kiss, they cannot detach, they stay in love.

You can tell that in my house, men have eaten and enjoyed. They have killed me with pleasure. They have made me moan and mourn.

But of all these things, I have…

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