Relationships and Temperaments (i)

As we earlier discussed in communication and sex, it is evident that any relationship that does not embrace the art of communication is headed downhill. In this post, we shall discuss the importance of temperaments in communication. Did you know that temperaments are hereditary and can therefore not be changed? Now you know. There are four major temperaments that define human beings. Of these four, one is dominant while the other three appear depending on circumstances. Most people have a dominant and a preceding dominant temperament. These temperaments are:

  1. A sanguine is an extremely jovial and talkative extrovert. People with this temperament can talk for hours on end. They are therefore poor listeners and pay very little attention. Due to their easily excited nature, they express feelings easily though they rarely hold grudges. They make many friends making them an envy of other temperaments.
  2. They talk a lot but more sensibly than sanguines. They pay little attention to detail, passing over details that they consider meaningless. They are quick decision-makers. They appear bossy and hence make good debaters and leaders.
  3. Melancholic people are quiet analytical introverts. Unlike the first two, these dissect every detail, analyze it and make decisions afterward. They can change at a moment and become talkative and outgoing. They are poor communicators because they think a lot and hold the most grudges.
  4. These are slow, consistent, peace-loving introverts. They like hiding their character and can be misjudged. They are a good option if you want peace but their slow nature can be irritated. They rarely express their feelings and can be easily depressed due to this.


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Which temperament (s) are you? Having known the characteristics of each temperament, it is easy to know how your partner will behave in any particular situation and how to take it from there. If your partner is sanguine for example, he/she will tell you what they feel or think and therefore you have fewer worries. If they are melancholic, we have a bigger problem, don’t you think?

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  1. First thing first-my heartiest congratulation for writing such wonderful and informative post.This post
    has forced me to pause and told me something which i never knew about.I did not know that temperaments are hereditary.I am 3-what about you,Ma..

    Wonderful to read such an awesome post!

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