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Good evening? (It is night here in East Africa). It’s yet another week and I must say that I have been holding on just fine, God has been gracious. How are you doing? Are you already used to this Corona situation like I have? Trust me it’s for the best…

Anyway, enough of the current crisis. I have been trying to grow this blog before I monetize it. Well, it’s a little burdensome but I enjoy it especially now that there’s lots of free time. I am privileged to follow and be followed by very successful bloggers and would like to gather wisdom from you. So, if you will, please share your journey with me and give me some advice. (If you are reading this, I consider you very successful)

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  1. I hesitate to give any suggestions as many of the blogs I read are much better known than I. I hope to have readership but really what I really enjoy is the connections I have made and that continue to make me smile.
    My suggestion would be similar to a person giving a speech.

    Remember your audience,

    because if you don’t connect with your audience, then no matter what you write or share, no matter how wise, or entertaining, it won’t be remembered, or be received.

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    • You speak wisely dear. Connection is the most fruitful way. I have seen bloggers with a large following but their posts attract very few views.
      your blog is on point. I like it from the look to the work itself.

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  2. Greetings from Newfoundland, on the east coast of Canada.
    I wish you all the best on your blogging journey !
    It is very rewarding to interact with so many talented, interesting writers from around the world. 🤗

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  3. Hello 🙂 I guess my main advice would be to remember that whatever is local and known to you, is new and fascinating to lots of others. Blogging helped me to appreciate everything that I have at my fingertips 🙂 Lots of luck with your writing 🌿

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  4. Hi Kate
    First of all, just to say that your poetry cuts deep and hard. It takes few prisoners. I love it.
    For me, the greatest joy of blogging by far has been making some good new friends around the world. I started my blog as a way to tell my kids about their dad’s life, and it grew (miraculously, I sometimes think) without any effort on my part, except to praise the excellent output of fellow bloggers. There is a nice mutuality about it all, although I never think of my audience when writing.
    Maybe that my advice – don’t try to please anyone except yourself and be honest.
    As for monetising, I don’t know the first thing. Obviously, good luck with that.
    Hope some of this helps
    Best, Kevin 😘

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    • Wow! this is very helpful. I’ll sure consider it.
      Thank you for the kind comments and I hope you’re keeping safe.
      Thank you Kevin,
      my name is Mariana but I love Kate too hehe


  5. Good luck, its very hard to monetize a blog with affiliate marketing if that’s your plan because so many people are doing it. If you have a product to sell it can be easier but you will have to promote it everywhere you can. Twitter, Facebook, maybe YouTube if possible and of course here. Take care and be safe!

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  6. Greeting from India! To be blogging has been liberating. I started blogging about two to three years ago and then took a break for almost a year and now the ‘nesting period’ (lock-down) has allowed me to get back to blogging. Personally I have felt that blogging is a platform where I have so many people from all over the world, reading their stories, gazing at the pictures they share and reading their poems; also, it has allowed the introvert that I am to pen down words that I find otherwise difficult to write about. Happy blogging 🙂

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  7. I am just like an offspring in this field… I am learning from everyone… but the most amazing thing I know about the platform is connections.. to the people from all over the world… sharing experiences and some unspoken thoughts and listening to them,reading to creative people… its fascinating for me..
    Its continued learning and growing with our thoughts… all the best for your new journey!!!

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