Words are important and knowing the specific words to use is key to creating the message you want to pass. Women (girlfriends, fiancés, wives) love sweet and spiced words and not only that, they need them on a constant basis! If someone tells me these famous words (“If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how precious you are to me.” Or “in a sea of people, my eyes always search for you,”) I can promise that he will have given me a flight to Eden within the few seconds of utterance. Surprisingly, I recently discovered that men love romantic atmospheres more than women do.

Let’s start with some substitutes for babe, baby, sweetie and all other overused and recycled trash.

  1. My eagle. What would woo a girl more than equating herself to the most inspiring bird in the world? It’s a reference to intelligence, cuteness, wise… just think of all the tests that a female eagle gives to the males before making a choice (of course, only intelligent ladies will understand) but just for starters, you can be romantic enough to explain.
  2. My dove. A description of peace, gentleness, heavenly beauty and purity.
  3. My antelope. Boring statements like I like your curves oooh, figure should be rotting in the dump. Tell her how sharp she is, how she’s amazingly fast in action and commend her ability to care and always look out for you. Trust me, that’s all women want.
  4. My beautiful deer. Nothing kills a woman than that “survivor” feeling. It’s a feeling of strength, power and flexibility. Call her that and you can take her anywhere.
  5. The apple of my eye.
  6. The beauty that arrested me. We all know that it’s a male-dominated world so why not make her feel like a superwoman by confessing your helplessness?


Choosing perfect affectionate names; pumpkin, lambchops (hehe), darling, baby doll, sugar lumps, sweet pie.. and other romantic names for her/him must be just what you wanted. Lover, lover boy, sexy baby, sexy beast, my tiger, my captain, captain of love (come on ladies, give him a heads up)

Playful names works with young people/ young at heart. Think of squirrel, love pin, chicken… playful names are funny and they bring happiness.

Let’s explore cute names; angel eyes, sunshine, buttercup,

Finally, creativity works more magic than all the rest. Create pet names with things that are special to you or your partner to show romance to the ones you love. Baby doll, my pink heart, use of celebrity names eg Superman, wonder woman etc.

What do you think? Please leave your sentiments in the comment section.


  1. Hi Mariana! you have given wonderful tips-thank you. In my view, if ego of a man and sentiment of A Woman is not hurt by each other,they can stay together for ever.What do you think?

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  2. I love your creativity and disdain for the ordinary! I am going to have think up a new pet name and that’s ok with me. I remember a couple who now have 3 kids, telling me that their pet names for each other were “rat” and “fink”. I don’t remember who was who, but it was their private names for each other and they loved them.

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  3. My man friend calls me “babe” and I KNOW he means it as an endearment but it always makes me cringe inside. I don’t like to say anything but……I’m no “babe” at 71 and I’ve never wanted to be anyone’s “babe”!!!

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  4. My Grand Dad always called my Grand Mother ‘Doll”. It was sweet.
    My late husband always called me ‘gueen’. After the kids grew up he was’ Daddy Wags’ because the dog could hear him coming home a mile away and would almost shake her tail off waiting.

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