Looters with Rights

Gave them a term and a right to lead

But they too the chance and decided to rule

With a fist of iron and brass shoes

They steal even from empty pots

Then they feed the hungry with spiced vomit

Their words can tame a tiger

And their decoys appeal more than reality

They flash paper on us during campaigns

The sight of paper blind us

The very sight of it numbs our brains

And back to office we return them


Days later, we cry and complain

We blame other tribes, we kill and steal

We seek justice, the same we trashed

Time passes, debts make skyscrapers

When campaigns come next, we shall again

Without effort forget. We shall go blind

And we shall elect them again.

We have made it the circle of life

34 responses to “Looters with Rights”

  1. They frame us in such small voices,
    such small values.
    They make us tiny,
    like bullet points in their hands
    for speeches that miss everything we are.

    But some voices, like yours, remember.

    Keep writing your heart. Voices deeper and wilder than any on the campaign trail will be heartened and blessed.

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  2. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon Ami Amie

    Rêve à des jours meilleurs , cela fait partie de notre vie

    Sourie , en pensant au bonheur

    Vie ces instants en écoutant parler ton cœur

    Ton ennuie s’effacera

    Ta vie reprendra des couleurs

    Dis toi que l’espoir ressemble à un fruit

    Si ce fruit est vert il n’a pas de saveur

    Ce fruit sera délicieux s’ il est mure , savoure le sur l’heure

    le Bonheur est à ce prix , pense à ces instants magiques

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Bisous en toute Amitié


    Un petit bouquet de muguet qu’ il t’apporte bonheur au sein de ta demeure et partage le avec les tiens

    Liked by 1 person

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