Bounce-Back letter

Hello my beloved readers,

I hope you are holding on to hope during this time of destabilizing waves. I know I have been away for quite some time (again) and it would be very irresponsible of me to blame it on the monster by the name COVID-19. However, I am still sorry that I detach myself from this dear community time and again. The problem is, I usually have a biting problem of inconsistency. It’s dangerous, I know,  and I also know that I am not the only one struggling to be the best of myself (this does not console me). My biggest comfort is found in that you guys are always here. We interact, yes, and some of us, like me a million times withdraw into our lonely cocoons and when we bounce back you’re still here.

I know you have moved on miles farther and i may not promise to catch up but this is where I express the best of my feelings through poetry. I would say a whole version of me is here, perhaps that is why I am always coming back. I love you guys. You give me hope, I find fulfillment here; in me and through every piece of your writings and art.

I am working on my consistency and it relieves to write this letter to you (feels like I’m in love haha) and now that this pandemic got me stuck with only my God to look up to, I’ll try kill the pen and let it bleed a little or much. Meanwhile, can someone please suggest for me a title to bleed about?

39 responses to “Bounce-Back letter”

  1. I was only thinking about you yesterday and there you are today.Its all about inner connection for some one like you for which there is no explaination..Lets be friend for ever!

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  2. If this inspires a “poem”, the “title” is yours to create


    ♤ So, Let Me Get This Straight; it’s Okay to Cuddle Family No Matter how many in The Family NOT!!! just Two, pet’s don’t Carry This Thing yet so called ‘medical experts’ claim IT was originally non-human from animals and, even now, have NO IDEA!!! how to vaccinate This THING!!!…so I ASK!!! is NoOne Else ASKING!!! Questions of the ‘medical experts’ and Getting ALL of The Info instead of Ignoring The Obvious; which is that This is a Variant of The Common Cold as Viruses ARE ALWAYS Constantly Mutating ergo NOT!!! at ALL “New” and there is No Cure apart from Our AutoImmune System…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Bird Flu, Bubonic Plague and so on come to Mind; how did Our ‘medical experts’ reach this Level of Virtually Total InCompetence unless Treating what They Could Have PREVENTED!!! 🤔 ?


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  3. I know what you mean about being consistent. Just about every article I’ve ever read about blogging has something to say about the value of being consistent, but usually that is to grow an audience. Over the years, I’ve learned to worry less about consistently producing regular posts and to be more concerned with posting quality material. I think that is the key to building a supportive writing community.

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  4. I do the same. I don’t know why I cannot be displaced and consistent except for certain periods of time.
    Write something about freedom, tyranny and how to keep a balance in these storage times of Covid 19….

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  5. Hi, nice to meet you. I think you always have a beautiful message to share. There is no shame in withdrawing from time to time. I do it too. Others as well. Poetic minds need the occasional respite to renew what has been poured out in nourishment for other minds and souls. However, when you are able, consistency helps your readers develop an lovely expectation of your nourishment in thought and deed. So, write on.

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  6. I’ve been there. But instead of beating myself up, I put everything into the next blog I post with hope that it was worth the wait for my readers – it’s about giving quality rather than quantity! 😀🙏

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