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He is more than mixed up
Sugar and fluid, a perfect blend
Cream and ice, cold but sweet.
He says he’s smells like peril,
Yes, he’s red.. With a flow of white.
He flows like snow at spring
And he’s more than mixed up

Google photos

His peril bleeds lovely love,
A drop of blood, a trickle of peace
Yet he melts just when I need him
He melts and is still cold,
To cool my hot, to calm my storms
I love him when I need him,
I need him when he’s useful
He’s useful when I’m hot.

10 responses to “Icy”

  1. Great post! I loved the last line-” He is useful when I am hot” we can also say-” we both are useful when we both are hot”-ha ha ha..how do you like this?

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