Tales of a heart

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Like the sunrise, she can charm
With warm touches, smooth caresses
She wash you red with love
She smiles at you like fortune
She lights you up.

Still, she can darken to an evil black
More than a moonless, starless night
In times of despair,
She’s a reed in the midst of a storm.
Low in a second, thrust up in the next
She’s a mess in a castle.

Tell me how to keep her standing
To make sure she remains in the East
To keep her red an everlasting shade
Tell me how she can be strong
In the deadliest night, in the wicked storm
Tell me how a heart’s heat…
Can be kept at a constant

6 responses to “Tales of a heart”

  1. Hi! Splendid thoughts.Loved the line”Tell me how a heart’s heat………Can be kept at a constant.
    It requires imagination of high order to understand the underlying message.Great!
    Loved it,Mariana!

    Liked by 1 person

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