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Thought, it’s just a little bend
Or just a blow of the wind,
Yet in all that quake you remained to be..
Some dust on a desert,
Swept away by a wind… swept away.

I closed my eyes to your thorns,
Budded my ears to all warnings.
I stitched your bursts, I replaced your weak seams.
Then in your strength..
In your strength you tore me like paper.
You sketched your dirt on me.
You dimmed my lights.

All I can see is a rose fading
Your beauty bursts into tiny specks
When I admired your petals,
When I felt their smooth…
I can’t forget.
You’re still my rose.

11 responses to “Broken”

  1. You know how after you eat an ice cream cone your mouth feels kind of bitter because you don’t have the sweet there anymore, but you still go back for the ice cream cone next time? That’s what this poem makes me think of.

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