Blog Recaps: Friends for Lies

Greetings to my ever loyal readers. I hope your anticipation for 2020 matches mine 😹😹.
Well, I mean my friends are saying its the end or beginning of a decade (I’m not sure) but as the year ends, I would like to reveal a little secret. I have a tendency of wanting to start things from the first square each time I mess up, you know, like deleting sites and opening new ones every time I become inactive 😝😝 (that happened just once). Since these days I’ve learned to live with and embrace (can I use hug instead?) my mistakes, I’d like to feed you with some 25 poems from 2017 to the first half of this dying year. What do you think? One at a day?

The first is one titled Friends for Lies, inspired by some friends I had then.

I see them everyday
Sometimes I stay with them all day
Each time our eyes meet we smile
And eyes dance, light up for a while
However, deep inside…
Deep inside these chests, deeper in their minds,
I see scornful, judgemental no-friends selfs
Gossipy mouths running like machines
Their uneasy lips tired of fake smiles
I feel their unrelenting souls wishing for my leave
I see their eagerness that their partners arrive
So they can collect wax and start weaving.
Their bottles never empty,
Lest their throats crack…
For great is the cursed work,
That these pitiless souls left in my absence.

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