Let Me Make You Cry

Hey sister,
How about a run, or a walk perhaps?
Up the hill to the coolest of the atmosphere.
Perhaps there, your tears will be bound to flow
For I can see clouds in your heart,
Clouds dark and heavy.

Sister, when you see the world from the top,
The towns, the markets, the houses, the gardens…
My dear, you will shed them all.
Your heart will be lifted,
And crystal drops will stream down.

You will cry not because of your pain,
But you will because you will discover
That life is beautiful, that every breath is precious.
You will invent another person in you.
Made of resilience, positivity…
Chastened in determination.

20 responses to “Let Me Make You Cry”

  1. That’s beautiful. And it enscapsulates an ancient wisdom – that we can always change our perspective by seeking out physical heights. In my experience, the effort in ascent, and the reward of the view, tend to wipe clean the inevitable gloom and worry of life led in the lowlands. I’m off into speculative teritory here, but suspect that your soul (whatever that is) needs to be lifted regularly, in remembrance of its journeys in and out of bodies. Brilliant poem!

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