A Kiss

Quite a spark strikes when lips meet

Yes, a spark that attaches and binds two

And once it does, it’s hard to disentangle

Rather one falls deeper…

Deeper into the pit uncertain

Photo by google

And the air changes when two bodies,

Entwined, grow desperate with each contact

Parts get into the rhythm, souls are lost

The desire glows and bursts into devouring lust

It almost becomes a situation unsavable

And what help could there be, if the act is sinful

When minds don’t think, when hands long to explore

Who else can save two souls whose hearts pump hard,

When muscles no longer fight, when fire burns hottest?

Is a will strong enough? Is it?

Some kind of spark kills, when lips meet

Some kind of magic, some kind of spell…

Which carries minds in sway

Which makes me fly away

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