I’m Sorry For This Week

Hi dear,
I hope you have felt God’s grace upon you this week. Mine has been bumpy, a little smooth some days for an hour or two. Maybe this week scored 55% in my life card, but the 55% was a hundred for each unit (what I mean is that I have a lot that still remains undone haha and that for the things I did, I tried my best).

Well, I have not written any poems this week. I had three great titles but I just didn’t get the time to. I have a regret or two but all I want to do now is lay my tired backbone on my mattress and sleep away. I promise to be around with you next week. Have a lovely weekend.


Rose: The Poem (Black or White?)

Rose, Rosy, Rosette…
Many names, for the many colors,
That you grow in, for the various shades,
That men have added to you on paper.
To show how they judge you.

Today you’re black and white..
Black, the shade of darkness,
A show of evil and travail.
Like the thorns on your stalk.
They took part of you,
And judged it wrong.

White, the color of purity,
A depiction of innocence and transparency.
It’s what they like about you.
They don’t care about the whole view.
They want white, the good in you.
Yet your white only makes an incomplete you.

I choose to see the gray.
A blend of both the white and the black.
Shine your whites and make them glitter,
Embrace your blacks, it’s the way to heal.
A whole you, a whole blend…
It’s what makes you perfect.

It Happened, Yet It Didn’t

I hit and abused. I bruised skins.
My claws tore more than just flesh.
I wounded both body and spirit.
I spoke damage and death.
I condemned and sentenced souls…

It felt good to be in the battlefield.
I was lord of all punishment
I controlled the events in splits of time.
I staged the scenes and starred in them
I was great, I was real, I was plain.

War within…
I’m glad it didn’t happen without.
My own swords cut my flesh.
And I contained the rage to a tranquil calm.
The red in my eyes to a graceful white,
The noise in my bowels to a silent face…
War, War within…
I’m happy it never came without.

Falling in love

Let’s do a reblog today😊😁


If I had one more heart

I would readily give it to you

And to you, you and

perhaps to you too!

But you see, the one I had, is already taken

Yet everyday, I keep falling in love

unplanned and spontaneously

my senses so easily enraptured

I fall in love with your sunrise

I fall in love with my dusk

I fall in love with traditional cooking

When the heady aromas envelop

I romance aromatic baking

For it brings a smile on my kids’ faces

Makes my home smell heavenly

And store bought cookies replaces

I fall in love with the angelic tangle of arms and legs

now asleep without a care

Whose sibling rivalry and revelry fill my home and heart

As well as my life and soul

I fall in love with your words, your turn of phrase

What you say and what you leave unsaid


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You Make Me Dream

Love of my life,
Why do you close your eyes,
When all I want is to see the future through them?
Why do you run?
Knowing well that my steps are small, and slow?

My heavenly gift.
How high up my hope you lift!
But now even your loyalty has had to shift,
Because life has decided to make us swift.

I was plain before you carved me sweet.
I was empty and then you filled my pit.
I was dead and dirty, you made me neat.
Stay with me Japar! Stay in my forever seat.

You make me dream.
Of highs and lows and narrows and wides.
Come to me quick, come and see…
The smile on me when I smell your scent.
Japar, you make me dream.
Join me, and make my dream come true

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